Motto: To the Wealth of Health!

“As Inside, So Outside…” It is a great time to (re)consider your relationship with animals, food and your own self. Self-determination and Self-Love is the Key. It allows for perspective and intuitive traveling through life’s journeys. Even if you have watched “Overconsumption” before today, feel free to share its hard-hitting truth. Ignorance is only blissful to the Ignorant – pride yourself on being Wise.

Amidst my journey, I have made at least one thousand discoveries – from looking within and without – and ultimately determined that I desire True Wealth. I have attempted several methods to gain this true wealth I seek… most attempts have created havoc internally and externally, because they were rooted in dishonesty and falsities. Ensues unnecessary stress and very troubled times, and the hardest part of accepting these realities is embracing full responsibility for the final choices and decisions.

Undoubtedly, healthy living can enrich and flourish lives. There are countless benefits to conscious being, living and thinking, b.u.t. it can be a serious head-scratcher obtaining the necessary information to get started (and maintain) properly. There are a multitude of facets to consider, including childhood upbringing, psychological and physiological make-up, and environmental exposure(s) just to name a few. Healthiness is a conscious endeavor that requires a lot of knowledge and a genuine instinct to “self-trust.” Knowing and listening to your body and thoughts are key factors; while it may seem exhaustive to experiment with trial and error sequences, I believe it a necessity to achieve great health.

I challenge you (and myself) to take 10 minutes out of each day and Self Reflect. I recommend keeping a pen and pad handy to write down thoughts – positive and negative – focused on achieving wealth through healthy being, living and thinking. It may be necessary to spend a few moments in front of the mirror prior to prepare the self to stay focused on self-reflection and the key points to gaining healthiness and wealth. After 10 minutes, take some time to put the self reflection into perspective.

What, if anything, did you discover about yourself previously unknown?
What, if any, thoughts dominated your self-reflection?
What steps are you willing to take to achieve a more positive self-reflection in the future?
How do you see yourself implementing more positivity in your daily interactions?

To the Wealth of Health!


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