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I know I have been thinking more and more frequently about what it means to truly motto-ize “the wealth of health” and how I can better encourage myself and those I affect to BE about the concept.

SEE the concept.

Take in all the “bad” and agree to only contribute to the “good.” Always listen and speak little – you will realize how much you’re appreciated for this. Happiness is a life-long journey to self-achievement, especially as you re-train yourself to fulfill within that which could not be fulfilled externally.

BE the concept.

The value in self-reflection is nearly inconceivable, because of the constant focus to be cookie-cutter copies of misconception in our fictitious “reality” programs. Without self-reflection there is no self-awareness and chaos and confusion ensues.

LIVE the concept.

 Taking ownership of your actions, choices and decisions and ensuring that they are a reflection of all things Peaceful… makes the logistics of it all that much simpler to attain. Focus on adding good and powerful energy in your realm rather than “removing” bad and draining sources. In time, that which appeared so *bad* before shows and proves otherwise!

Every sentient being began their journey the same in this life. Whether you crawled, scooched or dragged yourself to get where you needed and wanted to be, it took a lot of effort to achieve anything before you learned to walk. There is no need to fear or be hesitant to crawl/scooch/drag before you walk right.

One thing I constantly hear is that “I’m too old to start over!” There is no age-limit on learning or growing, so why hinder yourself with such a thought? You can DO or you can NOT DO. The simpler it’s seen, the simpler it is.

While the saying “Misery loves company” stands true, the fact that Love leaves no one Untouched stands more powerful than the former.

See the Love that exists in You.

Be the One to define the times.

Live like Tomorrow is Today.

Discover What Matters


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It’s Impossible! said Pride. It’s Risky! said Experience. It’s Pointless! said Reason. Give it a Try, whispered the Heart. -Unknown

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