How to Bounce Back – Big or Small

Yesterday, I spent approximately 2 hours listening to Sonia Ricotti’s webinar on bouncing back from any and everything ailing your life that’s preventing you from experiencing the only things that matter:


Without these 4 Foundational Factors, life is generally filled with pain, sadness, fear and misery. And who ISN’T tired of that vicious cycle, leading you down the dark path of No Man’s Land. Ugh.

Now, I’ve fallen off my webinar “game,” as I am not comfortable promoting anything that I do not believe will truly help us on a WHOLE level. Trust, I’ve had countless emails from my motivators and “Master Teachers” encouraging me to embark on this or that program’s journey or offerings… etc. etc. etc. BUT. After a short while of listening to some of the recordings, it became very clear to me that they were just not offering ENOUGH.

So, how is Sonia Ricotti’s webinar any different, you ask? I’ll let YOU be the judge and determine for yourself if this is a journey you envision yourself going through and coming out on top in the end.

*Special Note: NO investment is required. Open-Source exists for a reason…

In Life –
Be Love.
Feel Joy.
Stay Gracious.

As Always…
Stay Healthily Wealthy.


Dream Building Webinar

It’s Impossible! said Pride. It’s Risky! said Experience. It’s Pointless! said Reason. Give it a Try, whispered the Heart. -Unknown

Today and Tomorrow – there is a complimentary Dream Building Webinar being presented by master coach, Mary Morrissey.

“During Mary’s 30-year career, she’s helped thousands of people create fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives. She’s also a best-selling author of three books, had her own PBS special, created two multi-million dollar businesses, spoken three times at the United Nations, and held week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama—the list goes on and on!”

If you’re ready to establish your dream in order to live it, join me and thousands of others and Sign Up!

The live webinar is expected to last approximately 75 minutes – B.U.T. it will be filled with many motivating tips and powerful information that will train you to discover the Best You in life.

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