Herbal Healing Hunt(ing)

A reader recently reached out and asked:

What are your top recommendations for purchasing herbs/teas? (In-store & Online)

This spawned some heavy research on my part, as I already knew of a solid number of places in mind that I readily go to (mostly online) in the event that I need an herbal blend/tonic/fix and/or tea medleys.

Upon mulling over the first thoughts I had, I realized that there are several of us out here who prefer to deal with this type of science at hand – person to person, tangible exchange to tangible exchange. There are many bonuses in purchasing herbs, roots and teas in-store and meeting an herbalist face-to-face to discuss personal ailments, issues and curiosities.

With SO much done on-line these days, how do we stay in tune with our Humanity?

Thankfully, many of the herbalists that we can meet face-to-face are just as willing to part and share knowledge with us by phone and email, so even the healthiest busy bees can seek out and find wisdom for their needs – especially when all that time allows is a few quick clicks of a mouse.

Still, though, I could not think of supplying an answer to the initial question without thinking of an avenue for my beloved people who are more apt to make in-store purchases over online purchases. And while I know that this article may be touched by folks across the continent (and the seas!), I had to make a narrowed list – what with my own busy bee schedule.

Should your city not be listed and you struggle in finding a local “hot spot” for your herbal healing needs, please feel free to reach out to me. I will do my best in helping you find someone close to home or knowledgeable enough to make you feel at peace about making a purchase online.


To Bless (and Rep!) My Hometown Kansas City, all Hail + Love to:
Phoenix Herb Company phoenixherb.com – if you don’t know them by now, you shall surely know them from this point on! They host a wealth of herbs/blends/tonics/supplements/spices… you name it, they have it! Make Google your friend and type them in your search box. Everything they have in their store, they seem to have online. The best part? They are ridiculously affordable AND they ship to most all states in the U.S.!


Georgians Unite in ATLThe Herb Shop of Vinings appears to be quite the “hotspot” for locals to fully enjoy a variety of herbs + roots + teas. While reviews site that it’s *pretty* expensive, the owner appears to be helpfully knowledgeable, so this *may* make for a significant bonus. Website is *not* user-friendly, so only the locals can feast on this one!
Location: 3248 Cobb Parkway Ste 116 Atlanta, GA 30339

Hung-Ren Gingseng + Herbs – offers Chinese herbalism/acupuncture and free on-site consultations. Online store to come soon, so just the locals get to hone in on this awesome spot!
Location: 5095 Buford Hwy NE #C Atlanta, GA 30340

From Miami to Orlando, there’s many a place the Herbal Healer can Go!

Florida Herb House – Miami-based – There is an online shop available selling mostly Organic/Wild-Harvested herbs, which makes it a bit pricey… but there are randomly decent prices on some great roots (like Burdock <– blood cleanser)!

Leaves & Roots – Orlando-based – Offers Flat Rate Shipping sent as Priority Mail – With a long list of available herbs/roots/teas for Online Shopping, these locale is priced best for loose leaf herbs purchases!

Now, we’re in New York. New York! New York!!

The Herb Shoppe (Brooklyn-Bound) – may carry hard to find blends/herbs – www.theherbshoppebrooklyn.com [not so great website but all around great reviews] –> according to frequent shoppers, carry a WIDE variety of herbs, tonics, tinctures + more at affordable prices
Location: 394 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Remedies Herb Shop (Brooklyn-Built) remediesherbshop.com (FULL list of availabilities online – Bonus! They ship *everywhere* in America imaginable – by weight) Very well designed website; bet its a beauty to visit in person!
Flower Power Herbs + Roots (flowerpower.net)  *City-Catch* <–definitely should check out the site to see if what you’re looking for is available before making the trek. As there were pretty mixed reviews on friendly/helpful staff and the prices appearing to be relatively steep according to reviews, I recommend hitting this place up *only* if you’re close by and can’t get to Remedies Herb Shop or The Herb Shoppe in Brooklyn.
Location: 406 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

Serengeti Teas + Spices
(www.serengetiteasandspices.com)<–Pretty steep prices to shop online, but the reviews are *Fantastic* for the ambiance of this place. Sounds like it may be well worth a visit if you’re in the Harlem area! More of a sit and sip tea shop, than a grab and go shop.
Location: 2292 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY 10027

California Looooove

**As one of my favorite go-to havens, I couldn’t leave these beautiful Los Angeles locals hanging!**

Dragon Herbs – Informative website on what’s available and accessible *in-store only*. The L.A. shop looks very roomy and welcoming, but one that the locals can happily partake in more so than any onlookers from outside the area.
TWO L.A. County Locations: 460 S Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 + Santa Monica: 315 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90041
Herbs of Mexico – Incredibly extensive list of herbal blends / tinctures / teas and so on and on. The site is fantastic [https://herbsofmexico.com] and allows you to do Online Shopping in the event that you cannot get to the store (or are not located in LA!). Quite a haven of “name it, you’ll likely find it!” with a minimum purchase of 1/4 pound – 1 pound varieties available. Very affordable on a whole level. For those in the L.A. area, I recommend going in person.
Location: East Los Angeles – 3903 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90023
Create Your Health Teas (of Los Angeles County) [www.createyourhealth.com] ~ online *only* but there is a Tea Room (unsure of its accessibility)! West Coast Prices for teas and blends, and the shipping costs… I would contact to see if they offer any type of bundled shipping options!

On-Line Options
Bulk Herb Storewww.bulkherbstore.com – Flat Rate Standard Shipping @ $6.50 for orders <$99, free for orders >$99. Most herbs sold in 1/2 Pound increments, with some remarkably low pricing – BEST online Prices I’ve seen. *Highly Recommended*
PureFormulas.com<–provides FREE shipping on ALL orders (NO minimum); offers very low prices on a number of hard to find varieties. *Recommended*
Shop.KhannaPakana.com – sells spices, herbs and healthy foods. There is a live chat feature where you can talk to someone about any questions you may have about their products. Most of their products are *not* certified organic (like the spices + herbs), but when you place Mind over Matter… all is good. They *do* make an effort to avoid GMO products, which is a bonus. *Recommended with Caution*
 And who could forget..!
Ebay.com – You can bid or you can buy on most anything you want. What is there not to like?

And there you have it! Dear Herbal Healing Hunters.

I know there are likely many more availabilities to choose amongst –
But these are the highlights of my findings
In Affordability
In Variety
In Good Spirit

Delight in the Achievement of Health
that brings about True Wealth!


Painting the Organs with Acrylamide

Most recently I’ve grown increasingly aware of and concerned about this little known chemical compound referred to as Acrylamide. In my discussions with my small circle of Vegan Foodist friends, I’ve come to learn that most of us are completely oblivious to this toxicity we are unknowingly ingesting on a pretty regular basis.

The first question and response that comes to mind is generally something to the effect: “Is it something found in processed foods? Cuz I only eat processed foods sparingly.” Great question, great thought. But it’s nearly inescapable for us all – whether carnivorous or herbivorous – simply due to Acrylamide’s chemical make-up.

So what is it? What foods is it found to be present?

As simply put as possible, I shall quote the authorities responsible for the management of food inspection and food safety: the FDA. “Acrylamide is a chemical that can form in some foods during high-temperature cooking processes, such as frying, roasting, and baking…Acrylamide is found mainly in foods made from plants, such as potato products, grain products, or coffee. Acrylamide does not form, or forms at lower levels, in dairy, meat, and fish products. Generally, acrylamide is more likely to accumulate when cooking is done for longer periods or at higher temperatures.”

So stop baking, frying and roasting my plant foods, right?

According to the FDA, that is not advisable, despite the logic in eliminating baking/frying/roasting as a cooking regimen. In fact, the FDA’s “best” advice  is to follow that which is mapped out in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (http://www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2010.asp). In turn, it stirs the question:

Should I be *cooking* food at all?

Considering that Acrylamide caused cancer in animals in studies where animals were exposed to acrylamide at very high doses and has been viewed as a significant human health concern for the past 4 years, I lean toward that being a *very* valid question! And if you’re already a vegan, exactly how hard would it be to transcend to a RAW vegan lifestyle?

It important to note that the Governmental Administrator for Food states that “food packaging is not a source of formed acrylamide,” to later advise that “Acrylamide is produced industrially for use in products such as plastics, grouts, water treatment products, and cosmetics. Acrylamide is also found in cigarette smoke.” I find that to be rather contradictory, as food packaging in America is *primarily* encased with Plastic… Just pay close attention at your next grocery shopping visit, and you will discover the truth in my statement!

Now I know and recognize the array of questions this chemical compound coined as Acrylamide brings to the surface of light. If you’re wondering what is being done to remedy the exposure of acrylamide in our foods in America, I can tell you that the government isn’t doing much at all. There are some manufacturers who are seeking ways to reduce acrylamide in their products, but it appears research has remained stagnated on that topic for more than 7 years.

My best personal advice is to do the following:

  • Start limiting your intake of baked, fried and roasted foods in general, to of course include potatoes (including chips), fruits, and grain (products).
  • Avoid “browning” foods – keep potatoes golden in color, as well as work on just warming bread rather than “toasting” it.
  • Eat all cooked foods in moderation.
  • Transition to Yerba Mate in place of coffee. It’s cheaper, anyhow!
  • Gradually transcend to a fully RAW Vegan Lifestyle.

Cooking at temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit), will likely result in exposure to Acrylamide at a dose that’s just unacceptable if you’re proactively avoiding putting yourself at risk of accumulating Cancerous cells within the body.

For more info, I highly recommend visiting: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2009-08-26/html/E9-20495.htm AND http://www.fda.gov/food/foodborneillnesscontaminants/chemicalcontaminants/ucm053569.htm
Doing an independent search is crucial to keep yourself as well informed as possible.

Paint the Organs with Life
Not Acrylamide.
Work to Transcend to a Raw Vegan Lifestyle
And Allways Be on The Journey to

Achieve Health As Wealth!

The Dirty Dozen vs. The Clean Fifteen

Clean 15 vs. Dirty Dozen – Revelation Revealed

Generally, I am constantly seeking New Knowledge, and my interest is highly piqued by discovering and uncovering myths and truths regarding Health and Wealth. Very recently, I ran across a brochure at a local grocery store, supplying a surprisingly wealthy amount of information about “Eating Well Organically.” This particular grocer has embarked on a phenomenal journey to incorporate organic produce, alternative “milks,” and a small section of the store is completely dedicated to Organic/Non-GMO/”Natural” foods. Their efforts are truly commendable, as they’re smack dab in the middle of suburbia and East Kansas City where BBQ is King (and Queen).

As we passed by the Health Market area – dedicated to conscious fooders – this “Organic” brochure caught my eye. Both myself and the Lover had to take a gander and were truly awed by our findings. This is what we’ve discovered:

Comparison of  Conventional / Natural / Organic Foods            
Processing Type   Conventional   Natural   Organic
Artificial Colors   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used   CanNOT be Used
Artificial Flavors   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used   CanNOT be Used
Artificial Preservatives   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used   CanNOT be Used
Artificial Fertilizers   Can be Used   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used
Synthetic Pesticides   Can be Used   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used
Irradiation   Can be Used   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used
Genetic Modification (GMO)   Can be Used   Can be Used   CanNOT be Used

While we were ensnared by the array of “experts” and “Environmental Groups” (Environmental Working Group, included) stating that there are at least 15 (fifteen) different foods people can purchase conventionally, we were pretty astounded to stumble on this New Knowledge.

Who’d-a-thunk that Natural isn’t truly Natural?

In fact, “Natural Foods” can be genetically modifiedmuch like conventional foods… of course, at the discretion of the producer/manufacturer. Interestingly enough, the brochure made special note to mention that “Natural Food is NOT Organic.

In short, I strongly encourage and support Organic Onlyfood purchases – particularly for Produce / Nuts / Seeds. When visiting your Local Farmers’ Market embrace the confidence to Ask…

What Methods do You Use in Growing Your Food(s)?

It’s as simple as that! Here in BBQ King City, our farmers tend to be pretty honest b.u.t. you DO have to Ask. Try to find encouragement in the fact that a farmer informs you that s/he does use processing of some kind… this just allows you to journey onto the next farmer and discover some of their secrets! 😉 It’s a win-win situation. Because now you have taken ownership of the Power of Choice!

Organic Is the Way…
To The Wealth of Health!

Motto: To the Wealth of Health!

“As Inside, So Outside…” It is a great time to (re)consider your relationship with animals, food and your own self. Self-determination and Self-Love is the Key. It allows for perspective and intuitive traveling through life’s journeys. Even if you have watched “Overconsumption” before today, feel free to share its hard-hitting truth. Ignorance is only blissful to the Ignorant – pride yourself on being Wise.

Amidst my journey, I have made at least one thousand discoveries – from looking within and without – and ultimately determined that I desire True Wealth. I have attempted several methods to gain this true wealth I seek… most attempts have created havoc internally and externally, because they were rooted in dishonesty and falsities. Ensues unnecessary stress and very troubled times, and the hardest part of accepting these realities is embracing full responsibility for the final choices and decisions.

Undoubtedly, healthy living can enrich and flourish lives. There are countless benefits to conscious being, living and thinking, b.u.t. it can be a serious head-scratcher obtaining the necessary information to get started (and maintain) properly. There are a multitude of facets to consider, including childhood upbringing, psychological and physiological make-up, and environmental exposure(s) just to name a few. Healthiness is a conscious endeavor that requires a lot of knowledge and a genuine instinct to “self-trust.” Knowing and listening to your body and thoughts are key factors; while it may seem exhaustive to experiment with trial and error sequences, I believe it a necessity to achieve great health.

I challenge you (and myself) to take 10 minutes out of each day and Self Reflect. I recommend keeping a pen and pad handy to write down thoughts – positive and negative – focused on achieving wealth through healthy being, living and thinking. It may be necessary to spend a few moments in front of the mirror prior to prepare the self to stay focused on self-reflection and the key points to gaining healthiness and wealth. After 10 minutes, take some time to put the self reflection into perspective.

What, if anything, did you discover about yourself previously unknown?
What, if any, thoughts dominated your self-reflection?
What steps are you willing to take to achieve a more positive self-reflection in the future?
How do you see yourself implementing more positivity in your daily interactions?

To the Wealth of Health!