Like a Fine Perfume…

“Happiness is like Perfume;
you can’t pour it on somebody else
without getting a few drops on yourself.”

– James Van Der Zee, Photographer

There have been countless mantras and mottos I have created and adopted, particularly as a coping mechanism in dealing with this Crazy/Beautiful thing called Life. I am challenged by my own mantras, my own thoughts on a daily basis …and more frequently. It – of course – provides for its many frustrations, but I’m content with this e-motion, as it is all a result of my effort to love myself… because liking myself just honestly isn’t enough.

There have been countless faces and spaces that I have taken on – created and adopted – simply for the sake of attempting to please others who say they “love you for you” when they quietly/silently mean they “don’t love you for you.” Playing make-believe is a lot of work, especially when you have no clue that you are doing just that! There is no love in being who you are not, naturally, at all times.

There have been countless sacrifices I have endured and made to temporarily appease others …

When do people ever find peace in the natural expression of themselves?

Ultimately, I learned that I can cater and submit to any and every demand and request – and at the end of the day – still nobody is HAPPY.

So what exactly am I sacrificing SO MUCH for?

Happiness in ME is
I ever need…

And I care not
for those who disagree.

❤ As it is like the Finest Perfume. ❤


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